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How much do you spend on point of sale materials, advertising and promotions? How about menus, wine lists, stationery, purchase orders, banners, tent cards, leaflets, membership packs? Every penny you spend on these items comes straight off the bottom line. Imagine what you could save if you could produce all of these materials in-house, in colour, in minutes. Thanks to OKI Printing Solutions thousands of hospitality businesses are already enjoying the benefits of in-house printing. Based on the real life experience of these customers, the following example illustrates how our printing solutions can help a typical hospitality business, just likes yours, to do more, do it better do it faster and do it easier. The business in question is fictitious, but the benefits are very real.

The typical hospitality business

* Contemporary Hotel, bar and Spa
* Head office and 4 outlets
* 20 employees at each location

In a market dominated by national chains with multi million pound marketing budgets, image is everything. However, keeping up appearances doesn't come cheap - even simple things like updating menus and ensuring guest communications remain fresh costs a disproportionate amount of money when only small volumes are required. Year on year our typical hospitality business is spending more on stationery, advertising, sales promotion and point of sale, but in a highly competitive market there is little leeway for increasing room rates, bar prices or restaurant charges. The only way to
increase margins is to reduce costs and when you're trying to attract
discerning customers this is easier said than done.

The way things were

Our typical hospitality business used to produce everything it could in-house and outsource larger, more complex jobs. However, splitting its printing requirements in this way was problematic, expensive and time consuming.

Producing printed materials in-house was frustratingly slow and quality of the end result was not in keeping with the company's premium image. Items produced by outsource suppliers were inconsistent and the cost of keeping these items fresh and up-to-date was a constant drain on resources.

The way things can be

Thanks to OKI Printing Solutions, our typical hospitality business no longer relies on outsource suppliers to produce its advertising, point of sale or sales promotions. It now has the ability to print its own posters, banners, menus, and room services booklets. Everything including the company's glossy, saddle stitched brochure is produced in-house - it even prints its own business cards, office stationery and guest invoices. With professional quality print on demand, it is quick and easy to keep menus and wine lists up to date and tactical promotions can be created
instantly to counteract new initiatives from competitors. Thanks to intelligent features everything is quick and simple. Template Manager software makes it easy for head office to maintain brand consistency across all outlets and gives each branch the ability to create localized offers as and when they are needed. Auto Media Detect ensures the right document
prints out on the right paper every time and Auto Colour Balance makes sure colours are always accurate and consistent.

The fastest, most efficient printing solution. The C9600 with
optional finisher is the ideal back office solution for our typical hospitality business. Very versatile and highly reliable, it provides a total in-house solution for the production of professional quality stationery, eye-catching point of sale, personalized mail shots and bespoke forms.

Equally versatile and just as reliable, the C3000 printing solution is ideal for our typical hospitality
business reception. Delivering 12ppm colour and 20ppm mono, it is far more efficient than slow ink jet printers and
delivers far more vibrant and impactful results than mono laser
or dot matrix printers.

Return on investment

Working with OKI Printing Solutions, our typical hospitality business has made significant savings and increased its sales revenue. The ability to print virtually anything in-house has greatly reduced outsource costs and the use of more reliable technology and smart software has lead to a more efficient use of paper and consumables. As a result the company now has a vital edge over similar sized rivals and is able to compete on a level playing field with much larger competitors.