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Retail - produce flyers, price cards and even more in-house, in colour, in minutes


Look what OKI Printing Solutions can do for your business


How much do you spend on point of sale materials, flyers, price cards? How about advertising,
stationery, purchase orders, banners, labels, discount vouchers? Every penny you spend on these items comes straight off the bottom line. Imagine what you could save if you could produce all of these materials in-house, in colour, in minutes. Thanks to OKI Printing Solutions thousands of retail businesses are already enjoying the benefits of in-house printing; producing outstanding results, faster and more cost effectively than ever before.

Based on the real life experience of our customers, the following example illustrates how a typical retail business, just likes yours can respond faster in today's fast-paced and competitive environment -from the display floor to the back office. The business in question is fictitious, but the benefits are very real.

Our typical retail business

* Cosmopolitan food specialist
* Single outlet
* Owner, Manager, 4 shop floor employees

Faced with stiff competition from national chains with multi million pound marketing budgets, our typical retail business is in a situation where it constantly needs to do more simply to maintain its place in the market. Year on year it is spending on advertising, sales promotion and more on point of sale has gone up, whilst the prices of many of the
products on its shelves have remained the same and
in some cases even fallen. At the same time the company
has also seen the cost of its stationery increase and as the business has grown so has the need for everyday items such as prices cards and special offer tickets.

The way things were

Despite trying both inkjet and laser printing solutions our typical retail business has only ever
been able to produce the most basic items in-house. So even essential everyday items such a price tickets, and food labels had to be produced by an outsourced supplier and then over printed in-house. With outside suppliers also being used for sales promotions, point of sale materials and advertising. Print was one of the businesses biggest overheads and had a disproportionate impact on the company's profitability.

The way things really should be

With Oki Printing Solutions our typical retail business no longer
relies on outsource suppliers to produce its advertising, point
of sale or sales promotions. It now has the ability to print its
own banners, window graphics, flyers, tent cards, shelf strips and prices tickets and more in-house, in colour in minutes.

With professional quality print on demand, it can create promotions for slow moving or aging stock instantly, as and when they are required. It even prints its own business cards and office
stationery. Template Manager Software makes it easy for employees to create documents in a variety of different sizes and formats Auto Media Detect ensures the right document prints out on the right paper every time. Auto Colour Balance makes sure colours are always accurate and consistent.

A fast efficient printing solution - Our C9600 print solution is ideal for our typical retail business. Delivering 36ppm colour and 40ppm mono, it is super-fast, very versatile, highly reliable and extremely cost effective.

Return on investment

Based on the experience of real companies of a similar size our typical retail business can expect to see a 40% reduction in its printing costs. And the savings for your business could be even greater. With our help a leading fast food retailer has reduced its annual spend to just by 85% in twelve months and totally recovered all its investments cost in just 6 months.